9. Rustic Polenta Casserole with Mushrooms and Swiss Chard

Oh man, please, please try this recipe. It is FANTASTIC. You just can’t go wrong with cheesy, creamy grits and tasty tomatoes, mushrooms and greens. It’s also super easy and quick to prepare. This yummy dish just put itself on my go-to weeknight dinners list!

These are the grits I used for the base. Make sure you use course-ground.

Step one is to prepare the polenta base (including milk, Parmesan and butter). I would have been happy eating this for dinner all by itself!

I love grits!

Preparing the vegetables is step two. There is a pound and a half of mushrooms to slice, so it helps to have an egg slicer to get the job done quickly. The onions and mushroom cook for about a half hour, and with the addition of the herbs, tomatoes, and greens, it takes about 45 minutes total.

Get yourself one of these for quick slicing.

Then the casserole bakes for about 15 minutes. Easy peasy and SO good.

The bottom line:

We like this even better than the poblano and black bean enchiladas from last time. This recipe has everything going for it! Enjoy!

Difficulty: Preparing this is a snap. For such a good dish, it doesn’t get any easier. 1 chef knife out of 5. 🔪

Kid-friendliness: This is not buttered pasta, cheese pizza or chicken nuggets. 3 out of 4 of my kids were happy to eat it anyway, and I’m giving it 4 yummy faces out of 5. 😋😋😋😋

Time: Total time is about an hour, and I think that’s pretty good. 2 out of 5 snails. 🐌🐌

Mess: Less than the usual amount of mess because you don’t have to use that many prep bowls. The usual sauteing pan, 9×12 baking dish, and a pot to cook the polenta. 3 out of 5 dirty dishes. 🥣🥣🥣

Overall: 👍🏽

Another one for the regular rotation!

Linking to the cookbook again (please get a copy if you haven’t already!): https://shop.americastestkitchen.com/the-america-s-test-kitchen-complete-vegetarian-cookbook.html?sourcekey=CAASDZZA0&ref=new_search_experience_1

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